ideas and insights / 洞察与想法

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the final future of database #

the final  datase is impleted using hardware. For example,  hardware impleted redis , that deliver tens of million QPS. The cost of memory and cpu can be reduced at least half
                                                               @2022-08-27 13:09:41

on massage / 关于按摩 #

用筋膜枪按摩时要绷紧肌肉。两点理由,1.收缩变小的肌肉更有利于排出乳酸 2.可以促进肌纤维断裂,避免肌肉纤维化
when using the muscle-gun, you should tighten the muscles. Two reasons: 1. the smaller muscles will help to expel the acid 2. it can promote the fiber break, to avoid muscle fiberization
                                                            @2022-08-15 09:57:42

on parallelism #

现在大规模的并行系统正在无锁化. 避免锁操作,以使得性能可以随着资源线性增长
Currently, large scale parallelism is becoming lockless. Without lock operation, system performance can increase linearly with resource growth
                                                            @2022-08-15 09:37:25